Boost Your Libido Naturally

Ever go through periods where you just don’t feel like having sex?  Like times where you don’t even remember the last time you randomly felt any type of way down there?  It can be a scary experience for any woman, especially when you are still only in your 20’s.  You might start to think something is wrong with you.  Relax.  It can and does happen every once in awhile. It is becoming more of a common trend among young women today.  There are several things that can cause one to all-of-a-sudden have an extremely low sex drive including:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Unbalanced Hormones
  • Birth Control Pill Interference
  • Poor Self Image
  • Lack of Mental Stimulation


While it is very important to address the issues above to get to the root of the problem,there are many amazing libido boosting herbs & foods that can give you a little extra help.





1.  Maca Root.

Increases sex drive. Supports adrenal glands. Reduces stress hormones.


41xc1ok2f-l-_sy355_.jpg2.  Two Immortals

Balances feminine and masculine energy.  Balances hormones. Reduces irregular menstrual cycle & cramps.



3.  Ashwaganda Root

Reduces stress . Balances the reproductive system.  Stimulates libido.

 Increases sex drive.  Promotes blood flow to clitoris.





  1. Salmon

     Raises dopamine levels in the brain.  

     Improves overall circulation & blood flow to the genitals.


2.  Dark Chocolate

Reduces stress levels. Promotes blood flow to genitals.



3.  Pomegranate/Pomegranate Juice

Increases testosterone levels.  Reduces stress.  Improves mood.  

Promotes blood circulation to genitals.



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