Natural Beauty Hack For Whiter Teeth

In my household growing up, my parents did things that the younger me would consider a little weird.  One of those things was to occasionally brush our teeth with activated charcoal powder.  They did this to whiten our teeth naturally.  I know it sounds like a huge paradox.  But it actually works!


After a few uses you will see a difference in the color of your teeth. Rather than purchase expensive, toxic teeth whitening products, opt to try using charcoal powder!  One of the brands I usually use is Viva Doria’s Activated Charcoal



Step 1:

Wet toothbrush with water and dip toothbrush in charcoal powder.



Brush For

Step 2:

Brush teeth in small, circular motions for about 60 seconds.




Step 3:

Rinse mouth out with water two to three times to ensure mouth is clean.


I recommend this process once a day for two weeks for the best results!



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