Welcome To The Isis Files!

Isis-    /ˈaɪ.sɪs/ or eye-sis

“Queen of the Throne”

The goddess Isis of ancient Kemet was known as the goddess of creation and magic.  Isis showed women how to use their femininity to achieve the desires of the heart.  Isis embodies the love, compassion, creativity, intuition and psychic abilities, and yin energy that flows through every woman.  It is up to each woman to find and utilize the key to unlocking our magic.


Welcome to The Isis Files!

The Isis Files is a creative forum that supports the mental, physical, spiritual, sexual and artistic growth, and healing of the modern-day black woman.  Women face many things on a daily basis, and oftentimes it is difficult to stay focused and strong.  Many women have to figure things out themselves because there aren’t much positive places to turn to.  We live in a society that places priority on celebrities and people of high status.  Everyone is looking at each other and not looking within themselves for answers and keys to happiness.

The Isis Files aims to give women a place of refuge and solace from this hectic world and to also challenge each woman’s way of living and thinking.  As women, we are uniquely crafted by different circumstances, experiences and mindsets.  Our uniqueness gives us each the authority to share our voices with the world.

“Each one can reach one.”  This forum features posts from various women, which presents a wide range of perspectives.  The Isis Files is where women can come together to empower on another, while remaining true to their individual selves.


Featured categories of posts here on The Isis Files:

  • Style
  • Health
  • Soleilune
  • Story Time
  • Advice
  • Creative Space

New posts every week! 

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